To lead girls on a journey to self-discovery and ensure they are well-equipped with the tools needed to impact the world.

Radiant Girl Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers the most comprehensive curriculum and workshops for girls.

The organization was birthed out of a desire to help positively mold and shape future generations.

We are committed to helping girls discover who they are and identify their purpose.

We are passionate about producing leaders who think outside of the box and create their own path.

Society is not like it was years ago. Girls are not only challenged with self-esteem issues of the past, but new trends attack their sense of self-worth daily. The rate of bullying, teenage pregnancy, cosmetic plastic procedures performed on girls, self-inflicted pain and even suicide is more prevalent in this generation than ever before.

Something has to be done to remind our girls that they were born to not merely exist but to be a world-changer and impact the lives of many.

By providing workshops and a unique curriculum, we have accepted the challenge to be a beacon of light and to remind girls that they were born to shine, even in the midst of dark places.

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Producing generations of powerful and confident girls who know their purpose, will become leaders and stand up for what they believe.   

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