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Living a Balanced Life: Motherhood + Self-Care + Success

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Welcome to the Radiant Mom blog, where inspiration, health/wellness, self-care, tips and more are intertwined into positive stories intended to help you grow and live your greatest potential. Now is the time to move from average to great. There is a world out there waiting to hear your voice, there are business opportunities destined for you and there are generations depending on you to make a difference.

I invite you to join me on the journey towards living a balanced life. This journey comes with the balancing act of taking care of yourself, hard work and the countless responsibilities of being a mom. But as long as we learn and continue to move forward, we will be well equipped to begin living life to the fullest and help others along the way.


I need a moment. A moment to step away from reality. Step away from the role of being a wife, mother, business owner and friend. WALK AWAY. I must remove myself from the cares of the world, and uncertainties of life’s gift of the unknown. It is in this moment that the...

Keep Going without Burning Out

One of the greatest moments in life is when you give birth to your dream and watch it grow into something beyond what your mind can fathom. It’s an indescribable feeling to see the payoff from your blood, sweat and tears begin to benefit you financially and transform...

Stress-free Me

Motherhood. Relationships. Bills. Health. Careers. Crazy Bosses. Deadlines. Where am I going with this? Well, we’ve all been there and can relate to the amount of stress that we allow people and situations to cause. Some of us are drowning in our own sea of stress and...

Use What You Have

If I received a dollar for every time I heard the excuse “ I can’t do it because I don’t have it,” I would be a billionaire. This excuse is one of the top reasons people settle for a mediocre life and is often a lazy person’s cop-out for avoiding success and...

Get Movin’

Some people have a love-hate relationship with the gym. Some days they love it and some days they don’t. Often times when you think of exercise, you envision long daunting workouts coupled with sweat and exhaustion. But who says it has to be...

‘No’ Was Necessary

Regardless of your age, no one likes the sound of the infamous two-letter word NO. It’s a word that brings on feelings of rejection and denial. And as small as the word is, it often leaves a huge impact on the individual that it’s being directed towards. The word no...

Leave Your Mark

A few years ago, Beyonce’ sung a song with a powerful message.  The lyrics left an indelible impression and after listening to it over and over, I begin to think about the impact (or lack of) that I am leaving on this world. Here are the lyrics: I wanna leave my...

The Hunt for ‘Next’

I used to work in advertising and we always thought of innovative ways to promote the next best thing. Although it brought much success to the company, it often diagnosed the consumer with decision paralysis and inevitably caused them to buy things they really don’t...

It’s My Turn

Waiting can be one of the most daunting, yet unavoidable tasks that we face. Rather it’s waiting for a new job or significant other, standing in the inevitable long line at Wal-Mart or being stuck in 5 o’clock traffic; waiting can bring out the best or worse in us. At...

Me Time?…It’s Possible! The Ultimate Guide for Busy Moms: Quick tips on How to Find Time for Yourself!

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Thandi Montgomery is the founder of Radiant Girl & Radiant Mom. She is also a dynamic speaker, writer, successful entrepreneur, and a coach who helps moms & girls rediscover themselves and live a successful, balanced life.

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